16 November, 2019

Sad news as the year draws to a close.

Tom Anderson reports long time Alt. Ed. teacher and all around good guy Fred McConnell (Cherry Field, Senior High Accommodation & PACE) lost his fight with cancer and died this morning. No details available at this time. Requiescat In Pace Fred.



From John Kundrat

Fred’s haiku

Fun Fred McConnell
“ don’t give a shit “
But he did …


22 September, 2019

A whole lot of updating is going on …

  • The website has been upgraded for faster loading.
  • Menu adjusted for easier access.
  • Pictures and photos reformatted for faster opening and easier downloading.
  • Documents reformatted for faster opening and easier downloading.



5 March, 2019

The new TUSD Alternative ED Alumni site has a slightly different look and feel but (hopefully), all the pictures and graphics from the old site have been transferred here.  Of course, some “slippage” may have occurred so if you notice something’s missing or obviously out of place, please drop us a line and let us know. (Hint: click the “Contact Us” link in the lower left column to send an email.)

If you bookmarked the old TUSD Alternative ED Alumni webpage, you will find your bookmark no longer works, as it now takes you to the Project MORE Alumni website.  (Project MORE Alumni is now hosting this site.)  You can click the “All Alternative Schools” tab at the top right of the Project MORE Alumni page and bookmark the new site or you can update your old bookmark to


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